Always Ready

Welcome to Ventura Defense U.S.

At Ventura Defense, we develop systems that provide innovative, and reliable solutions to protect our nation and allies.

In the US since 2020

Ventura Defense U.S. is 75% owned by NTGS, SL a spanish defense company focused in weapons systems and ammunition. NTGS, SL is 49,99% owned by Everis Aerospace and Defense (a company 100% owned by the Japanese IT multinational NTT Data) and 50,01% by SUPEKU ITG. ​We opened operations in the US in 2020; however, Ventura Defense is developing customized defense systems since 2002, following two premises:
  • Create designs based on simplicity and common sense.
  • Achieve highly reliable, low-maintenance systems, always available and always ready.


​Our goals are:

  • To be the best option.
  • Lead the market through smart innovation and commitment.
  • Become recognized as a quality brand and for offering products customized to operational needs

Our team

Michael D. Barbero

Executive President - Ventura Defense US

Lieutenant General Michael Barbero (US Army, Retired) has served in a wide variety of Infantry leadership assignments and has commanded forces at every grade, from Lieutenant to Lieutenant General. While a General officer in the US Army, he spent 46 months in Iraq over 3 separate combat tours of duty, and he is a former Commanding General of the United States Infantry Center and School at Fort Benning Georgia.

Peter Jones

Senior Advisor - Ventura Defense US

Brigadier General Peter L. Jones (US Army, Retired) has served in a wide variety of Infantry leadership assignments and has commanded forces from platoon to Brigade level. With over 32 years of service, he has served in South Korea, Europe and conducted 4 separate combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. As the former Infantry Commandant, he oversaw all infantry material and training requirements.


Defense systems

​At Ventura Defense we place our clients and their needs as our top priority. We work on systems that improve operational capabilities, and our designs focus on providing comfort and the best operational conditions possible for our troops.
Our greatest pride is to be able to see our products serving our soldiers and defending the interests of U.S. and our allies in the world. Our systems go through testing and validation processes to obtain the certifications that assure us compliance with the most demanding regulations.

Our expertise

​At Ventura Defense we specialize in high mobility systems. From our perspective, the concept of fielded units has evolved towards a greater number of lighter units, with high mobility and higher capabilities. We believe that new asymmetric and hybrid scenarios require self-supporting systems as the main alternative to provide support to own units.

  • The greater dispersion and geographic complexity in a field with multiple actors require direct support from infantry units themselves; mortars regain key importance. 
  • Coordinated operation of geographically dispersed, self-sufficient units.
  • Greater precision to avoid collateral damage.
  • High mobility in indirect fire units, as a greater detection capacity make units vulnerable within minutes of firing.

Our values

  • Customer first
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Respect 
  • Sustainability
  • Quality

Smart Innovation

Simple solutions are more reliable and durable. We like keep it simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and without unnecessary complications. This is what we call “Smart Innovation”.

Our Values

  • Customer first
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Sustainability
  • Quality

Smart Innovation

Simple solutions are more reliable and durable. We like keep it simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and without unnecessary complications. This is what we call Smart Innovation.

Quality Policy

At Ventura Defense we want to be the world leaders in high mobility systems. For this reason, we must provide our customers with the best technological innovations perfectly adapted to their specific operational needs, with rapid response, peace of mind through a fast and effective maintenance service, meeting high-level safety requirements in their products, maximum quality in its processes, respect for the environment, social responsibility of the organization and ensuring maximum safety for its workers. The extreme working conditions in which our systems must operate make it necessary to maximize quality in all our production processes:
  • Design – Oriented to the search for simple and highly reliable solutions.
  • Pre-production – Selection of the best materials and components adapted to meet operational needs.
  • Production – Ensuring minimal variance and compliance with all requirements and parameters in each and every one of our systems.
  • Maintenance – Providing a service capable of solving incidents in the shortest time possible and collecting all the necessary information about the incident to make necessary improvements in any of the above processes.
  • Certification – Additionally, we are committed to submitting our products to certification tests to confirm compliance with the operational requirements for which they have been designed.
To achieve our purpose, an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Safety-Health at Work is established based on the requirements established in the ISO 9001, AQAP 2110, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. Our Management System defines an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Policy, all framed by the EFQM Excellence model, based on the following guiding principles:
  • We help our clients save lives (created preventive defense systems), striving to be leaders in the market for next-generation mortar carriers, always with products of the highest quality and safety, unique in their class in the most demanding defense industry. and Security.
  • We care about understanding our customers every day and evolving our products to help them in their daily work.
  • We base our success on people, with talent management and an open culture through which everyone shares ideas and opinions in a practical way, a priority objective to guarantee the continuous innovation of the organization.
  • We promote respect for the Environment, the prevention of pollution and the commitment to reduce the possible impacts that we generate, using the best and cleanest technologies available that are viable for the organization.
  • We comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including all those related to anti-corruption and international fraud regulations, as well as other requirements that the organization voluntarily subscribes to.
  • We obtain maximum safety for our employees to achieve the minimum accident rate, promoting the participation, information, training and consultation of all workers, including temporary and external workers, with the commitment to improve in the prevention of damage and deterioration of health .
  • We strive to understand the context and stakeholders, and determine the risks and opportunities that affect us, to develop our products in a sustainable and customer-focused manner.
This Integrated Policy is constituted as a declaration of intentions and principles that provide a global framework for the establishment of objectives in the field of Quality, Environment and Safety-Health management at work, always seeking continuous improvement of the system. It will be reviewed annually and will be available at all times to the client, employees and any other interested external party whenever required, and through the means deemed appropriate.
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